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Mixed-Use Development

The Preserve

Appointed to lead the design of this mixed-use development in Richmond, RI, ZDS developed its design concept around regional architecture set in an 800 plus acre site, where pristine wilderness meets timeless luxury.

With the limitless outdoor activities, this 4-season sportsman’s retreat aims to gather and provide an extraordinary and natural experience for its owners.

What results, is a collection of contextual buildings that successfully harmonize into the landscape and communicate with each other efficiently and discretely. The property is unified through a common design approach of rustic, contemporary architectural gestures in response to the natural setting and some existing relative structures.

Genuine use of materials-wood, stone, slate- combined with textured fabrics, modern furnishings, and light fixtures forge the palette to which the guest comes in contact, evoking a sense of contemporary-rustic luxury.

Richmond, RI
Mixed-Use Development