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What We Do?


FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of a concept we strategize together with an architecture team of all passions and skillsets. We maintain the same people throughout the process to provide consistency and a sense of ownership both to our client and our team. We encourage our people to continue learning. EVERY DAY. We aim to challenge current approaches to design, improve our design practice, and embrace new technologies in our industry.

Our design methodology is inspired by each project’s unique criteria and is focused on the fundamental principles of communication, leadership, and integrity. We continuously strive to exceed expectations by streamlining innovation and creativity, while also delivering on every promise we make to our clients. These differentiators will continue to be the pillars of our growth and success.

We provide documentation for all phases of work including:

  • Programming
  • Existing conditions surveys
  • Architectural Schematic design
  • Design development / Architecture Design
  • Contract and construction documents including consultant coordination
  • Pre-construction Architecture
  • Contractor Bidding/Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Administration
  • Programming
  • Existing conditions surveys
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Contract and construction documents including consultant coordination
  • Pre-construction
  • Contractor Bidding/Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Administration

We collaborate with clients of all sizes and within a variety of different industries including hospitality, medical, multi-unit living, higher education, and mixed-use.


Inspired by each project’s unique parameters, we design timeless buildings and memorable spaces through a collaborate, iterative process. As problem solvers, we believe architects must blend excellent design and creative vision to deliver impactful, innovative, and timely solutions.

Feasibility & Pre-Design

All projects require a feasibility study to better understand the limiting factors of the project and determine its viability at an early phase. Our team assists with site evaluations, land selection, and development planning. We conduct research studies with the appropriate constituents to determine the social impacts of a project while researching all planning and zoning ordinances, building codes, and program requirements to develop an early conceptual foundation for the project. A unique, preliminary design is then presented to a client for initial review and feedback.

Historic Tax Credit Developments

ZDS has extensive experience with historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects. We understand the requirements of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Structures and we advocate on behalf of our clients throughout the project assists with the submission of parts one, two, and three of applications with the state’s Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service.

We approach each historic preservation project with exceptional attention-to-detail coupled with extensive research and a firm understanding of the contributing nature of a structure. Before taking on a historic preservation project, we thoroughly consider what innovative solutions we can provide while maintaining the integrity and beauty of each historic building.

Master Planning

Master planning is a critical first step in the design process. Our approach includes a comprehensive perspective that includes both regional and local site-specific concerns. Before beginning a project, we always consider the infrastructure of the local community and its environment, while determining the public space requirements. Our rich knowledge of multiple building typologies and the ability to evaluate the needs of a community, allows us to create exciting and thoughtful mixed-use developments.

Interior Design

Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovative design solution that highlight the character of the space. We create atmospheres that excite and inspire, each project fulfilling the needs and desires of our clients and reflecting a unique sense of place. We are committed to creativity, innovation, growth, & our communities, recognizing our designs have direct and positive impact on people’s lives and experiences.


Our team’s true understanding of the service industry as well as our forged relationships with franchises and brands is a substantial value add to any project we undertake. Our market driven attitude and skills yields innovative and fast results for our clients.


We assist our clients by leading them through the land entitlement process specific to each project. This includes government approvals for zoning, density, design, use, and occupancy permits. Our team will also advocate at all public hearings and local community meetings on behalf of your project. In order to obtain approvals, we prepare applications, inclusive of all necessary renderings, diagrams, and narratives to be submitted to the designated municipality.

Historic Preservation & Rehabilitation

Forever students of classical and traditional architecture, our team’s focus is rooted in historical context. We approach historic preservation through a critical-lense that is research-intensive, thoroughly considered, collaborative, and innovative.

Furniture Design & Specifications

We believe in a holistic design approach that encompasses all aspects of interior design. Our team of experienced designers have an innovative design approach to provide a platform for the exchange ideas and to address key aspects of functionality, design, and cost.