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John Sage

John Sage
Associate Principal / Senior Project Manager

John Sage

JOHN SAGE has been working in the field of architecture for over 15 years as a project designer and Manager. The complexity and diversity of John’s experiences have been instrumental in shaping his critical and
holistic approach to design, and his ability to reconcile design concepts, construction technology, and client needs.

John has a portfolio of work including a wide range of project types serving restaurant, office, custom residential, and institutional clients. Having worked primarily in the Washington, DC and Baltimore City metro areas, he has successfully overseen renovation and new construction projects requiring review and oversight by the various local municipalities, historic preservation offices, zoning boards, department of health, department
of transportation as well as outreach to community and neighborhood commissions.

Relevant Project Experience

Fann, Baltimore County MD
Mikko, Washington DC
M Street Condos, Washington DC